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“.. The globe has an abundance of hellholes, euphemistically labeled “third-world,” containing unimaginable wretchedness, largely of those countries’ occupants’ own makings.
The list of countries inheriting bountiful resources, both natural, and human capital along with effective governance models is led by Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Frittering it away is a post-colonial art form, actually a pernicious disease infecting most of sub-Sahara Africa and Central and South America.
Nations finally freed from “colonial European white oppression” – despite being given all the tools to develop economic independence; political stability; sustainable resource development; enlightened parliamentary democratic governance; and efficient and useful bureaucracies to perpetuate safe, secure, industrious, self-sufficient lifestyles with access to clean water, hospitals, and education, not to mention a literate and educated electorate – couldn’t find failure fast enough.
Poverty, genocide, disease, foul water, illiteracy – ravages from Marxist collectivist tyranny or just brutal, corrupt dictatorships – are the norm. Yes, they are s-holes, not just a figure of speech.
The Great Fallacy that opposes Trump’s S-Hole Truth is the multicultural claim that Western civilization is a racist white supremacy construct, possessing no superior cultural attributes, be it language, science, governance, or economics.
The Great Fallacy insists that there is no Western civilization exceptionalism.
The Great Fallacy demands that we disembowel Western civilization and instead venerate all non-white, post-colonial cultures, all of which presumably possess equally powerful constructs that are economically, politically, and morally equivalent, if not ascendant.
The Great Fallacy, multiculturalism, is BS…” READ ON