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On Monday I posted the Jennifer Oriel column in The Australian about the appointment of Portugal’s Antonio Guterres as the new Sec Gen of the UN. HERE. 
It is seriously bone chilling stuff and as I wrote in my introduction “a majority of people go through their lives too busy and blithely unaware of what’s actually going on, what’s up ahead and what others have planned, simply floating along like some flotsam, jetsam and debris on an open sea of apathy.”
Jennifer Oriel wrote that “As president of Socialist International, Guterres envisaged a radical model of government led by a UN parliamentary assembly that would facilitate the emergence of “global citizens”. During his term as UN high commissioner for refugees, he acted in accordance with socialist ideology by pressuring Western states to open borders and accept a large influx of immigrants from Islamic regimes.
Despite the evidence that open border policy facilitated transnational jihadism and the mass murder of Western innocents, Guterres continued to shame governments that protect their citizens with secure borders. Guterres was president of the Socialist International at its 22nd congress which resolved that: “the goal of the Socialists International must be to parliamentarise the global political system” by the establishment of a “UN parliamentary assembly”.
 And that’s just the beginning. For those that missed the original post, 2GB’s Alan Jones spoke with Jennifer Oriel earlier this morning..