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Thinking about the Libs and their “me too“ shift to the left, their timorous lack of confidence and conviction to wind back the excesses of the left when in government, is redolent of the quote from the Vietnam war that “we had to destroy the village to save it” Is that the fate of the Libs?

Do the Libs need to be wiped out and destroyed with all those time serving empty suits jettisoned so the party can be saved and work out what they actually stand for and rebuild.

‘..Conservatives are sick of Coalition governments which appease the Left, curl into a ball and try not to cause outrage while Labor-Green governments remake the culture in their own image. The country always takes two steps to the Left with a Labor government, and not much better than one step to the Right or even staying in place with the Coalition, which puts us on a very bad trajectory indeed. The result is that the cultural Left has encroached on every aspect of our lives, from the relentless push to change Australia Day to the gender-neutral birth certificates proposed by the Queensland government. The Left’s “long march” through the institutions that Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci once dreamt of has been a raging success. Every time a Labor-Greens government is voted in, it wastes no time appointing fellow travellers and cleaning out anyone associated with the old regimen. The bureaucracies become further embedded with leftists committed to cultural change. But when Coalition governments arrive they don’t do much more than benignly preside over the status quo, even when run by avowed conservatives. John Howard pushed back on the black armband view of history but even after 11 years in office, he only managed to slow the leftward drift. Even then, at the end, he embraced climate voodoo. The Way To Win The Culture War is With Fighting