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The test over Safe Schools should be that if Socialist Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews thinks its a good idea and is digging in, when NSW and Tasmania are axing the program, it must be a bad idea. A very bad idea…..
“…When I first began reading the SS and RR curriculums, I was hoping they would not be as terrible as had been reported. We teachers feel a heavy burden to prevent, stop and heal bullying; not only because it is in our job description, but because our students are dear to us and when they are in pain, we are in pain too.
But they won’t get those skills from these curriculums. The majority of this so-called anti-bullying material – from kindergarten up, is in fact explicit sex education. Kinder teachers faced with a student asking ‘what is a clitoris?’ are instructed to answer, ‘If you rub it, it feels good.’ They’re teaching masturbation to 4 year olds.
Page after page of lesson plans made no mention of bullying, but instead graphically fixated on – and normalised – the high-risk sex lives of fictional, seemingly emotionless teens, always categorised as LGBTI, Cis, etc. Sexually-transmitted infections were literally described as a ‘normal part of sex’, something to test for and treat, not to avoid.
How and when was it proven that children are sexual beings? It wasn’t. But the notorious creep Alfred C. Kinsey tried to prove it during the ‘40s. He used convicted paedophiles to carry out sexual ‘experiments’ on 2,035 boys and girls, some as young as two months old. Observations of ‘fainting and weeping’ when abused were recorded as ‘orgasms’ which in his sick mind meant that children are ‘unharmed by sexual contact with adults’ unless the parents were ‘disturbed’ and ‘made a fuss about it’
The depraved nature and methodological flaws of his study only came to light years later. Yet this ugly truth is swept under the rug by those who seek to have paedophilic predilections sanctioned, celebrated, and spread.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, wants doctors to conduct physical and sexual examinations and prescribe drugs to lone children, in school rooms, during school hours, without parental knowledge and despite parental objections. ‘Safe’ schools? Kids have never been less safe in Victorian schools….” Sexualising School Kids