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It is absolutely the best thing I’ve read in a long time. Brilliant. And again the people who need to read it, won’t.
“….On this Remembrance Day 99 years later, recall that some 750,000 British soldiers, marines, and sailors were killed in WWI; nearly 400,000 more in WWII.
Is it all in vain, seventy-five years later? In the 20th century over a million British servicemen, and women, perished to preserve their island and a way of life. The generation that came of age in the 1940s has been replaced by their children, and grandchildren, now infected with the incurable morbid diseases of politically correct progressive collectivism, socialism’s path of least resistance, and secular laziness.
National security, and fidelity to a nation’s sovereignty is now labelled xenophobia, and worse. 400,000 Britons perished in WWII to rid the world of Nazism, Churchill’s nemesis.
Today radical Islamic barbarians — free ranging Muslim anarchists — are given a hero’s welcome, with open border immigration policies that invite unmitigated and abject dread, the most recent evil visiting the innocent concert goers in Manchester, the bombing victims primarily children.
The Times of London now reports that some 23,000 Muslim jihadists are in Britain, all recent émigrés — numbers roughly equivalent to two German WWII divisions. Imagine not a shot fired, nor a single Sptifire or Hurricane fighter sent aloft. Two WWII German divisions given BritRail passes from Dover to London to Durham.
Who will remember? Who will defend that island, and our continent from the unspeakable horrors of an indiscriminate assault on western civilization?
When the State, governed by an elite faction in a temporary protectorate, shall no longer remember its ideals, indeed repudiate foundational principles, who shall defend the rest of us?
Who is Winston Churchill to this generation? An historical trifle, another dead white guy reeking of privilege, and toxic masculinity? Or instead will anyone remember Churchill as the last defender of the western canon, his singing Sunday service hymns with FDR in 1941 on the deck of HMS Prince of Wales at Placentia Bay, Newfoundland? Who will remember?
If the generation born in this decade can somehow recall the exploits of their great-grandfathers, and the reasons why those exploits mattered, they may be willing to emulate those historical offerings of a holy gift, for a noble purpose. If not, submission will lead to subjugation, and slaughter. And no one will remember….”   Remembrance Day and Lessons Forgotten