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Corrine Barraclough doesn’t miss..

“….International Women’s Day is a pathetic excuse for women already dripping in privilege to pat themselves on the back for succeeding in perpetuating faux gender narratives and securing deluxe funding for another year.

Right now, thousands of deluded feminists are clearing their throats ready to start bleating about the oppression of the patriarchy, squawking about the fantasy gender pay gap and banging on drums to the rhythm of “poor me”. Wide-eyed, eager-to-please young minions will be directed to ensure #BeBoldForChange trends on Twitter all day long. If you were planning a digital detox, may I suggest tomorrow.

What exactly would they like to change? Perhaps they could start with their own heinous narrative?

Sit down, shut up, take your hat off and start self-reflecting. Begin by reading horrifying statistics on male suicide…” Yawn, every day is International Women’s Day