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Note the line at the thirty seven second mark in this sixty second summary of Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible:

“In 1692 a teenage girl had no power at all, until she cried witch”.

Now, for the exercise, delete the words teenage girl and insert, Thunberg. Delete the word, witch and insert climate.

There you go. Instant hysteria.


If nothing else the Salem witch trial type mass hysteria exhibited by climate catastrophists during the global climate strike, should remind us all and serve as a warning that we are never fully on top of our circumstances no matter how educated and enlightened and sophisticated we like to think or imagine we are.


There are still bacteria and viruses out there, of all kinds that we think we have under control with antibiotics and various eradication, immunisation and education programs so as to achieve herd immunity.


That’s true to an extent, but it all comes down to the vigilance and the inoculation against the weird that comes with education in both climate and disease. Ease up on either and it makes a comeback and with climate brainwashing the hysteria will simply proliferate until the faithful have had their climate fax vax.


Just look at what’s happened in recent months. We thought measles, for example had been totally eradicated but like malaria it can never be eradicated only controlled.

The measles virus always exists and immunisation simply keeps it at bay. Its the same for hysteria. Only the fax vax can mitigate against it and minimise its effect.


It can never be overstated, but what we are dealing with in 2019 is a virulent type of ’climate golden staph’, where the virus of mass hysteria has mutated and developed a similar resistant strain to that which ignited the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century.


So far there is no known cure.