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“…It wasn’t enough that Hillary Clinton, if elected president, would inevitably be under a non-stop deluge of subpoenas for her and her minions over the myriad (and still growing) unresolved issues surrounding her private email server and the Clinton Foundation. Should she really be in the White House or behind bars?

On top of this, we now know for certain that, whatever half-baked apology she has given, Hillary thinks roughly a quarter of the population she would be governing are misogynists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes (whatever that means) and the like — aka, in her now immortal words, a “basket of deplorables.” How she expects to bring the country together remains to be explained.

She is kind of a sad woman, trapped in time, not fully aware of the world around her — or wilfully blind to it. Otherwise she would never have said what she did and made such a puerile, fake apology, obviously instigated by a panicked staff. Whether she has cognitive issues from her fall, I don’t know.  But somehow, I suspect she may be now drifting off into space in her own “basket of deplorables.” At least I hope so…”

Who’s ‘Irredeemable’? The Dangers of a Clinton Presidency Just Got Worse