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The necessity for world leaders to deliberately collapse the world economy combined with all the associated chaos, dysfunction and damage in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, reminds me of the statement made famous by a US Army officer to Associated Press correspondent Peter Arnett, in the aftermath of the aerial assault by US Air Force on the village of Ben Tre in 1968, during the Vietnam War: “We had to destroy the village to save it”.

READ ON — from American Thinker, full column at the link below.  ‘Video of Hollywood Types Singing Imagine, Raises Some Interesting Questions’

“…The one thing that the coronavirus has made clear is that globalism is a failure. This failure isn’t just because open borders act as a vehicle for a hitchhiking virus. Instead, it goes deeper than that and we can see that most clearly in Europe.

Before the European Union, there was the European Economic Community. The EEC allowed different European countries to pool their strength to offset American market dominance. By 1992, though, the bureaucrats decided that what they really needed to do was erase individual European nations, some of which reached back almost two millennia in time and, instead, to create a giant trans-Europe – the European Union

My mother, a European, always said it was not going to work because European nations didn’t merely have national identities reaching back centuries. It wasn’t going to work because they had hatreds reaching back that far too. Just as anti-Semitism seems bred in the bone across Europe, so too is the mistrust and dislike that bordering nations have for each other. My mother was on to something.

Back in the late 1950s, with people worried about nuclear annihilation, the Kingston Trio had fun with long-standing hatreds and disruptions across the world. These lyrics remind us that the old world hasn’t changed much in the intervening sixty-plus years, and that’s as true for Europe as it is elsewhere:

Beginning in 2008, the recession and its years-long fallout revealed the first fissures in the EU, as the richer nations did nothing to help bail out the poorer EU nations.

The second blow to the European Union came in 2015, when Angela Merkel unilaterally opened Europe’s gates to millions of Middle Eastern and African refugees (mostly Muslim), with the mandate that all European nations must welcome them. In other words, Germany sought redemption for destroying Europe and killing the Jews in the 20th century by importing a cohort of people intent upon destroying Europe and killing the Jews in the 21st century. Small wonder that, just the other day, Merkel told Germans to pull together against the coronavirus just as Germans pulled together in WWII.

The third blow came this month when Europe refused to help Italy in her hour of dire need. Not only that, but Europeans have also abandoned their Union and are shutting down their borders with warp speed. When Mother Nature comes a-knockin’, there is no European Union; there are just nations reaching back hundreds or thousands of years.

So much for John Lennon’s banal hope, echoed by 25 equally banal entertainment types, that “there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do.” In fact, it’s very hard to do, because nationalism is hardwired…”