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“…Real life these days is stranger than fiction. Even Orwell could not have imagined how far we have surpassed all he imagined in 1984 – especially on college campuses. Higher education in America has been utterly destroyed by the left since the tenured radicals of the 1960s took control of it. Now our campuses are virtually totalitarian in nature. Stanford just admitted an applicant who is not black but who wrote “Black Lives Matter” a hundred times on his application. Forget all the serious students who took the application question – “What matters to you and why?” – seriously.
Too many of these young people think no one should be able to utter a word they find unacceptable. Not a word. Like those who think persons who do not take human-caused climate change seriously should be jailed, our universities have become Orwellian factories that churn out properly indoctrinated robots who dare not deviate from the party line. The professors are indeed making their students stupid. There is no education going on at most universities these days – only the ever escalating indoctrination to blinkered dogma by professors who are products of their own college pseudo-educations. They have been intellectually incapacitated and then are turned loose, hired by prestigious universities, to incapacitate their unwitting students, who have been similarly indoctrinated by their high school teachers to swallow whole whatever nonsense college throws at them. Conservative students, an actual minority, are shunned, berated, and downgraded by fellow students and professors. They either submit to their professors’ singular ideology or are damned.
The bottom line? There is a cancer spreading on our university campuses. Anyone who has had sons or daughters in college over the past eight years knows how catastrophically universities have lurched to the radical left…” Since When Did People Start Going To College To Get Stupid