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As part of Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramci’s march through the institutions, traditional marriage is simply another bedrock institution to be targeted, picked off and marched through and I’m absolutely astonished that more people can’t see this agenda for what it really is.

Although it’s not without its problems the destruction of the traditional family, was a driving ideology of Marx and Engels and this same Marxist agenda still has a pulse today. What better way to achieve that end than to diminish, dilute and redefine traditional marriage.

All the equality, protections, benefits and responsibilities being sought by the rainbow gestapo are already available under Civil Unions and although they may be well meaning, those people who seriously believe that this has anything to do with equality have not been paying attention and need to ease up on the useful idiot Kool-Aid.

In the broader political context, Bill Shorten and the Labor, Green left’s appeal to “fairness and equality “are also part of this same slippery and duplicitious, Orwellian linguistic hokey pokey.