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This suicide statistic of 3000 like so much else in this campaign, is totally bogus and 100% fake news.

It is simply emotional blackmail. They have absolutely no way of knowing and it’s just a number thrown out to create impact.

Where is the similar outpouring of concern and grief from Westpac and their staff for small business doing it tough. What about farmers in drought and who can’t get any kind of debt relief on their circumstances and go up to the back paddock and never come home.

FACT — There were 2866 suicides in total for all reasons in Australia last year. The ABS doesn’t break the numbers down. And as pointed out in the body of the story, “..those figures (2866) do not provide a breakdown via sexuality or gender identity, or reveal extenuating factors such as mental illness..”

“….Westpac has been forced to defend an email from a staff networking group telling fellow employees to vote Yes in the same-sex marriage survey, erroneously claiming that doing so would prevent 3000 suicides a year.

The email, which went to all Westpac and St George bank staff, pointed out that the banking giant had signed an open letter in 2016 professing support for marriage equality…” Dutton canes Westpac over SSM email