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There couldn’t be a more perfect metaphor or standard bearer for the weird, woke and interfering, intolerant and bizarro progressive left, than Biden’s pick for Assistant Secretary for Health, than the transgender “Rachael” Levine.

It is worth taking five minutes to watch this forensic questioning of her yesterday at the confirmation hearing by Rand Paul where she refuses to answer the question whether underage children, not old enough to vote or drive or make a rational decision on their own well being, should be allowed to make permanent, life altering decisions on their gender and undergo the West’s own version of irreversible genital mutilation.

To put it another way, would we allow for a child who has issues with a perfectly good and operating body part, an arm,  leg or hand for example,  known as body dysmorphia, to have that body part amputated as happens with some adults?

Everybody would agree that, that would be outrageous but that same irreversible damage to children is exactly what’s being promulgated by Levine.

A simple NO without the wavering equivocation and talk of complexity and nuance would have answered Rand Paul’s question.

Looking at this soft, Western version of genital mutilation, the hard fascist Islamists of the Muslim world must be sitting back watching this with profound confusion.