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Random Note — Nuclear What thinking Australians Are Thinking:—


Like many once revered organisations the CSIRO has been undermined by activists. It started with the homogenisation of historical temperature records going back a hundred years.


Temperature homogenisation is nothing short of stealth editing history by adjusting down and cooling the historical temperature records to make today’s temperatures appear warmer to fit the warming narrative.


Most people would simply say that yesterdays temperatures are what they are. Why would you feel the need to adjust them. Unless of course you were part of a pea and thimble con?


More recently and as desperation looms large they’ve taken to talking down nuclear by talking up the cost, contrary to other world authorities. What’s it to them?


Ultimately the cost is the consideration of the government/taxpayer.


In the second letter, Boy Bowen’s objections to nuclear are becoming so strident, bordering on hysterical, irrational, and illogical that I’m starting to get the distinct impression that he Is being lobbied big time, by the renewable sector to protect their turf.


As for “cheaper and cleaner technologies”, when you consider the relatively short life and then safe disposal of solar panels and wind turbines (and the toxic chemicals), amortised over their respective life time, they don’t come cheaper or cleaner than nuclear. The Hinkley Point B, for example, Britain’s most productive power plant, was only recently closed down after 46 years of continuous operation.


Also worth noting when talking about “cheaper and cleaner technologies” there’s no mention of the words, “reliable” or “base load”




“…The US NuScale company says it could build a small modular reactor power station to generate 924MWe in Australia for $US3.3bn. That is about $5000 per kWe and is in line with information from national and international authorities including the International Energy Agency, which says: “Nuclear (is) the dispatchable low-carbon technology with the lowest expected costs in 2025.”


However, the CSIRO’s GenCost Report has persisted for several years in stating that the capital cost of nuclear power plants in Australia would be $16,773 per kWe, although the basis for this figure has always been tenuous. There is only one way to find out who has it right…”


Don Higson, Paddington, NSW


Adam Creighton quotes NuScale’s chief executive, who suggests we put his small modular reactors near mines in “remote locations”, where we don’t even need to make them connect to the power grid.


Creighton also promotes the idea the Albanese government is coming under more pressure to reconsider the moratorium on nuclear energy. In fact, Chris Bowen has made it crystal clear: nuclear energy is the slowest and most expensive form of alternative energy and “its adoption in Australia would push power prices up and crowd out cheaper and cleaner technologies”.


Nuclear energy produces deadly waste that has a half-life of thousands of years. It also poses the kind of risks we have seen over decades and are now seeing in Ukraine. Those who promote nuclear energy are businesses, first and foremost. Let’s not be taken in by the hype.


Fiona Colin, Malvern East, Vic