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With respect to this latest shooting in France and the uncovering of a terror plot earlier this week, when you consider that in France (as in other Western countries) it’s the establishment parties that have over decades allowed the ugly face of the Islamism and Jihadism to take root, grow, prosper and proliferate, whilst at the same time prostrating themselves, appeasing and sacrificing their own culture at the alter of multiculturalism, its difficult to imagine that Marine Le Pen could possibly lose on Sunday and even if she does win, she’ll most likely lose in the run off in a few weeks. People have a propensity to complain about the status quo but when given an opportunity to do something about it at the ballot box, vote for more of the same. Makes you wonder what it will take for the electorate at large to see the light although in the case of France, I fear that the frogs have been slowly brought to the boil and its too late..
Its a funny and a very strange thing, human nature.