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Nothing better for cohesion than an emphasis on division, eh?


If there’s not a crisis, create one, in the ongoing, rolling revolution of the left. That would seem to be the philosophy underlying Labor’s thinking on this. Why else would you contemplate such an odious idea?


An aboriginal ambassador to where exactly? Canberra? But this cohort are fully fledged voting citizens of Australia!!! How can they have an ambassador to themselves?


An ambassador for whom exactly? Which indigenous group and elected by  whom? The east coast, educated aboriginal elites who represent themselves or those living in rural and remote areas who don’t need the jet setting, business class lounge such symbolism portends?  This is the end result of identity politics.


To put it bluntly, this is apartheid. That somehow, aboriginals are separate from mainstream Australia. A nation within a nation as it were.


“..A nation divided against itself cannot stand..” said Lincoln. Before Lincoln Jesus said similar.


Matthew 12:25 “..Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand..”


This is like Dan Andrews going off on his own foreign affairs frolic and signing Victoria up to Chinas Belt and Road.


There is no doubt that if this does happen, China will use such deliberately created division to drive a wedge into  Australian society by negotiating with the so called “First Nations” people. (A stolen descriptor)


And worse, any attempt to wind back or reverse the concept by a future government will be characterised as racist and milked and exploited for further, divisive political advantage.