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It used to be in the 18th century that “patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

In the 21st century it’s racism. And free speech.

It’s amazing, even admirable,  how with lightening speed the left attempts spin everything through the lens of race even when the original infraction was nothing to do with race.

What’s being attempted is the creation of a narrative couched in victimhood.

With Claudine Gay at Harvard it was plagiarism, but she tried to make it about race and being a woman of colour.

With the Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, it’s about prosecutorial misconduct after her dalliance with the prosecutor she appointed to go after Trump which under the cover of a church service last Sunday, she was also attempting to spin and deflect into being about race.

And now with Antoinette Latouff it’s about social media postings, but she too along with her like minded confreres at their ABC is attempting to spin,  fabricate and craft a different narrative based on race and trying to conflate it with free speech in an attempt to buttress her case before the Fair Work Commission.