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John Durham was appointed to get to the bottom of the origins of Crossfire Hurricane, the code name for the Russian collusion hoax and his report confirms the worst kept secret and what everyone knew as far back as 4 or 5 years ago.

That it was all true and not a conspiracy.

Dan Bongino’s podcast and his intel from his own “deep throat” Techno Fog were years ahead of the entire pack.

As well as the FBI which orchestrated the entire attempted derailing of the 2016 Trump campaign and then the attempted overthrow of the entire four years of the Trump presidency with the two phony impeachments, Obama and Biden were also in on it.

Apart from anything else this was about creating perceptions via orchestrated pandemonium, tumult and chaos turbocharged by a compliant, lapdog media.

This was beyond the parry and thrust of ordinary, garden variety political shenanigans.

It was orchestrated chaos by beltway insiders, never Trumpers, RINOs and Obama and Democrat activist  holdovers hell bent on creating scorched earth havoc for the Trump administration.

Neither Trump or his people had any idea what they were dealing with.

Remember how the leader in the senate said that if you cross the establishment, the intel agencies had six ways from Sunday at getting back at you?

Russian collusion is a case in point.

But of course, that only works if they can get away with it and until they’re exposed and with Russian collusion and the 50 intel officers posturing and giving their considered BS opinion over the laptop, they got way out over their skis.

There’s a big difference between chaos and disruption depending on whether you’re giving or receiving.

Creating and orchestrating a campaign of daily, rolling chaos and the perception of chaos was the tactic of the left against Trump and his administration to try and build, project, characterise and colour an impression of incompetence. Disruption on the other hand is what Trump was attempting to do to the swamp. His mission was to shake it up and drain the swamp which would be both chaotic and disruptive for the inhabitants.

When the media said that Trump was  out of control what they really meant was that Trump was out of THEIR control.

Military and para military forces use the strategy of surprise, disorientation and the discombobulation of flash bangs, strobe light and noise. This was no different.

When the instruments of state a brought into play for party political purposes, that is an attempted coup. It’s no different to deploying the military, tanks and razor wire on the street.

The only difference is that it’s a coup in collar and tie and business suits with special counsels with their inquiries and “lawfare” playing the role of Generals and Field Marshalls and designed to discombobulate, gum up the works and further cement the perceptions of chaos.

It’s the kind of “colour revolution” as it’s known, the US State Department is renowned for orchestrating in places like Ukraine in 2014 and parts of South America but this time it was on home turf.

In fact the head of the State Department, Jake Sullivan under Biden was central to the coup that attempted to overthrow of the Trump Presidency.

Forget about January 6 and ordinary people strolling through the Capitol building taking selfies and was labelled as an insurrection, Crossfire Hurricane was the real thing.

This attempted coup was as serious as a heart attack or stage four cancer.

This was as serious as it gets for what was up until only a few years ago thought to be and imagined itself to be a shining city on a hill exporting truth, justice and the American way to the rest of the world.

This was an attempted coup by those meant to be enforcing the law.

AND no one will be charged. No one will go to jail or see the inside of a courtroom.

America is officially a corrupt 3rd world “shithole” country. It’s a swollen pus engorged, maggot infested, suppurating bed sore and a shit stain on the bedsheet of democracy and decency.

The DOJ, the executive and the entire Democrat party, elements of the Republican Party and most importantly, the mainstream media. The whole damn lot a totally and irrevocably corrupt and have been for decades.

And this is not the end of it.

They are doubling down and charging ahead determined as ever to pack the Supreme court ahead of the planned election interference and rigging that’s being orchestrated right now ahead of next years elections.