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These Uni Students for Climate Justice and Extinction Rebellion at the rally yesterday are not to be taken seriously. As I wrote several weeks back:


It’s not the climate the activists want to change, but YOU. It’s all about control and dictating the way you live your life.


No amount of action will ever be enough for the climate catastrophist and activist class and they’ll just keep doubling down because in reality it’s not a change of climate they seek so much as their own personal validation and affirmation.


It is their raisin d’être and if it wasn’t climate change that was their motivating and animating principle, it would be something else.


More importantly, if they were at all serious about solving the problem of Co2 emissions, and more real and do-able action on climate, if it were indeed a crisis and an emergency, requiring urgent and immediate action, they would be demanding that we switch to 100% nuclear, tomorrow.


But nuclear would neutralise Co2 as a political issue and in one bold sweep, take it off the table and deprive the climate and carbon cult of their single, H L Mencken, “hobgoblin” political football.


Going nuclear is what keeps them awake at night but not for the reasons we may think.


Nuclear is their kryptonite, their Achilles heel and embracing it would mean having to give up on their co2 and climate psychosis and find another cause to politicise and celebrate. Another cause to fret over and become anxious about.