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Most people you run into on social media, are just normal people with every day worries and concerns about everyday issues. They just want to be left alone to get on with their lives


Having said that I find myself increasingly exposed to this myth being put about by the likes of the ABC and their associates in academe and think tanks that the internet has become the exclusive domain of right wing extremist and white supremacists.


Now I’m sure there are right wing extremists and white supremacists scurrying around on the fringes of the internet trying to spread their social, cultural and political Ebola virus just as there are left wing extremists and Islamists doing the same thing.


What is meant though, and what they’re trying to do when they push this view, is to vilify, pigeon hole and conflate conservative views with right wing extremism and white supremacy. And it’s all done with such cocky, matter of fact, ‘everyone knows it’ no argument, confidence.


And so no one does argue.


It is the same with Greens leader, Richard Di Natali’s definition of hate speech that is really any speech that runs counter to the edicts of the Greens. If you disagree with the proclivities of the Greens, then by definition that’s hate speech. The other one that is casually dropped as it was on the ABC program Big Ideas, is that Donald Trump is a homophobe. Not one scintilla of supporting evidence. It’s just left there. I recall back in April, Bernie Sanders said Trump’s ‘a sexist, a bigot and a homophobe’. It’s the truth!! Bernie Bellowed.


The tactic is the old one of throwing enough mud hoping that some of it will stick.


Red caps and a thumbs up, ok sign, something that has been a non verbal expression for as long as I can remember, for everything being ok, are now definite signs of right wing extremism and white supremacy because it’s all associated with Donald Trump.


With all of these accusations swirling around there’s something much more creepy, much more subtle, insidious and dangerous, in a rising damp kind of way, going on below the surface, pretty much unremarked, that should be of far, far greater cause for concern.


That is, the total  hollowing out and takeover of most of our institutions over many decades. As I said, it’s slow, it’s subtle and it’s insidious.


The left plays a long game. They’re in no hurry.


They destroy your house of values, beliefs and traditions one brick at a time and build their house of their values and beliefs in its place one brick at a time.


The very fact the group-think at the ABC allows its bias to be so blatant demonstrates how successful they have been. It’s become the new norm.

So captured by the group-think are they, that it’s just accepted to the extent that no one notices anymore. It is simply the way it is.


If you want to talk about taking over the public square and muzzling those you disagree with, look no further than the successful attempts to de-platform conservatives or other speakers who have a different view on everything from Israel to Climate Change or Donald Trump at university forums. In Victoria, the government sends the organisers of conservative events the bill for security. We’ve even had pretty much the entire university sector brazenly refuse to teach a course in Western Civilisation.


How is that for left wing extremism?

How is that not exhibit ‘A’ of a successful, bloodless coup and takeover of our society and culture?


The truth is that just when the left thought that they owned and had the entire machinery of propaganda and dissemination of information under control, the internet and social media all of a sudden has given a platform and allows other groups to run counter revolutionary campaigns.


At an individual level, high profile people like Margaret Court are Israel Folau who dare to ventilate alternative views or opinions are pilloried, vilified, discredited, ostracised and stomped on and if that doesn’t work, fitted up and pigeon holed as right wing extremists.


Why? Because the left says so!!!