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Whenever the slippery slope concept in the context of the SSM and religious freedom debate was mentioned, we were assured there was nothing to worry about.

Ditto, Safe Schools.

Initially it was the refusal by a baker in the US to bake a wedding cake for a SSM and now we are talking about proposed laws in Victoria to compel beauty therapists to wax transgender men’s bits if demanded.

This would be the same Victorian government that can’t even keep the lights on.

Meanwhile, the human rights of Canadian transgender activist, Jessica Yaniv are said to be trampled on in his/her bid to compel female beauticians to wax her men’s bits.

Even that arrangement of words — ‘her men’s bits’ is totally bizarre.

It is quite apparent that Yaniv is just an attention seeking, narcissist, and that this has nothing to do with human rights.

Yaniv, aided and abetted by the courts and the political class, is simply out to humiliate and degrade women whilst at the same time, getting his/her rocks off on the experience.

Here’s an idea – Why don’t you do what many women do and wax your own bits in the privacy of your own home?

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, this is how the encroachment of cultural Marxism, wrapped in human rights, works. It’s one seemingly innocuous battle, one brick out of the wall at a time.

Activists beaver away underground and out of sight working on the correct assumption that most people are too busy getting on with their day with not enough time to pay attention to what’s going on around them and simply wake up one day and the world has been turned on it’s head.

I’d suggest that unless you read The Weekend Australian and the feature in the Star Observer on July 2016, you would have no idea of any of this stuff going in around you.

“….Karen Parker took her case to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission who confirmed she has been the victim of gender identity discrimination, but Brazilica refused to engage in the voluntary dispute resolution process forcing Parker to take legal action…”

If you want to wear your bullshit badge of tolerance, diversity and inclusion and vote for socially progressive governments, well, this is what you voted for.

Suck it up..