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The phrase “consent of the governed” refers to the idea that a governments legitimacy is derived from all of the people over which it’s power is exercised, not just a star chamber or committee of twenty or so and I’m getting the distinct impression that with respect to the voice, “advise the government” and “consult with” are mere euphemisms for obey.

As a casual observer, it appears to me that many of those leading the debate on the voice, with their oleaginous sophistry and disarming words, like Megan Davis and her call to “unite behind us, walk with us” intend to arrogate to themselves the position of some kind of eminence grise and the preeminent, high minded, conscience of the nation.

A Jiminy Cricket type character, on the shoulder of the government of the day, whispering in its collective ear about its legacy and being on the right side of history.