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Earlier this week the Australian Newspaper carried the most significant story in a long time that has the capacity to effect the very nature and composition of Australia. The capacity to totally destroy and recast the entire idea of Australia as a sovereign nation state. Think, Europe. Since that story ran there has been no follow up anywhere in any media, not even the letters page of The Australian which carried the original story. Apart from a brief interview with Peter Dutton by Alan Jones where Dutton’s performance was less than convincing, there’s been absolutely nothing.


If this is, as we understand it to be and its pretty straight forward then what an absolute deceit and sneaky betrayal of the Australian people:

“…The agreement’s final draft, released this month, says countries should agree to “review and revise” laws that sanction irregular entry and allow the use of immigration detention “as a deterrent”—.“We commit to ensure that any detention in the context of international migration is carried out by authorised officials, and for the shortest possible period of time,”–.“We further commit to prioritise non-custodial alternatives to detention in line with international law using detention as a measure of last resort only…”


What absolute dark and sinister machinations are at work here? What was Sovereign Borders and the work of Jim Molan all about? Who in the government is behind this? Who is pushing this? Again, if this is, what it appears, prima facie to be, we know where it leads and how it ends and that Australia is signing away it’s  borders and it’s sovereignty to the supranational body, the United Nations?


A nation without borders or a border with the UN (and it’s dictates) effectively as gatekeeper, ceases to be a free and independent nation state. Again, think, Europe.  Is that what they’re angling for?


Once signed. It won’t be unsigned. By anyone.


Remember Julie Bishop’s quote from only a month ago when Tony Abbott was suggesting we walk away from Paris? Bishop said on that occasion: “Australia plays by the rules – if we sign an agreement we stick to the agreement” (even though with Paris, we are still within the agreed window of opportunity to exit)


And further, how is it that this has gotten so far down the track before the people of Australia knew anything about it. AND by a Liberal government at that!!!!

So many questions. Why? Who benefits? And who in the Liberal party thought this was a good idea? And whomever they are, who are they working for because it sure as hell isn’t Australia? Who are they beholden to and why? Is this the price Australia pays for Julie Bishop’s post political UN job or Turnbull’s UN Secretary’s job application in a few years? Where’s the party room, did they know about this? If they did, surely we would have heard more about it OR have they been blindsided too?


What do Abbott and Andrews and Kelly and others think about this or are they in the dark as well?

The very idea of this, suspended, on ice or whatever, seriously sucks the oxygen out of the room.

And now, according to Peter Dutton, who seemed rather sheepish in his interview with Alan Jones but as cabinet minister, must have been aware, this same Liberal government, won’t be signing on to this in its present form. (you have to read that again and slowly) Australia won’t be signing on to something they helped fashion, shape and forge? How the hell does that work? Signing on to this by a Liberal or Labor government in ANY form is unacceptable. If Australia signs on to this in ANY shape or form whatsoever without taking it to an election there will be electoral hell to pay. The Howard dictum of ‘we decide who comes and the circumstances under which they come’ will be  redundant because effectively we wont decide anything.

It’s a constant source of amazement how our second rate, empty suit, low rent political class talk up and solemnly and in a statesman like manner appeal to “the national interest” when it suits their agenda. What about this? Where is the national interest being served in this grotesque and vile betrayal?

Anyone else see a pattern here? Whether its climate and the vandalism of our energy policy, complete with renewable subsidies or tinkering with superannuation or boats and borders, there is no difference between Labor and their Labor lite cousins, the Laberals.