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Watching the moving piece about the residual scars, mental harm, and quite obvious associated PTSD caused to Andrew Moore, Chris Bowen, Jesse Perez and others on 7.30 at the hands of Ray Hadley with his workplace, Vesuvian like eruptions, bullying, intimidation and humiliation, we are left wondering – What now? What happens next?
The failure by management to act, facilitated and prospered his behaviour and for all of their prevarication and initial “dog ate my homework” denial, appalling corporate memory loss, and their eventual, too little too late, hand caught in the cookie jar, retro “reaching out” to Hadley’s victims, it’s quite apparent that 2GB still don’t get it.
The fact that with such baggage and damage to the corporate brand they’re seriously considering slotting this unpredictable ogre and corporate bully into Alan Jones’s breakfast shift again demonstrates their atrocious lack of judgement. As for Hadley’s on air, staccato, machine gun like apology, it sounded forced, phony self serving and insincere.
It could have been just another live read for soap powder.
If it’s good enough for Rupert Murdoch to sack the Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes and their prime time star Bill O’Reilly within days of allegations being made, it should be good enough for the new owners of 2GB, 9 to hose out the Augean stables of both management and Hadley. They wouldn’t miss a beat.