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“…Your daily schadenfreude today is a delicious mix of blissful ignorance and total obliviousness demonstrated by young people who show no signs of growing into adults anytime soon.
 An insurance company conducted a survey and found that 72% of 16- to 24-year-olds don’t like being referred to as “snowflakes.” But the kicker from this survey is that 72% believe that being called a “snowflake” damages their mental health.
 The “snowflake generation” is a disparaging term now commonly used to refer to young people, who are perceived to be over-sensitive and intolerant of disagreement.
 But research by insurance firm Aviva found that 72 per cent of 16-24 year-olds think the term is unfairly applied, while 74 per cent think it could have a negative effect on young people’s mental health.The quarter of young people who don’t care if they are referred to as a “snowflake” and refuse to be mentally affected by the insult will almost certainly be the leaders and rulers of that generation anyway.  They’ve probably already learned to stand on their own two feet and assert their independence…”  Snowflakes resent being referred to as ‘snowflakes’