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The difference between the left of today and the left of previous years is that where as in previous years they went about their work at the margins and kept their heads down, today they are out of the closet, loud, proud, in your face and because of the education system, becoming more and more mainstream.
They seem not in the slightest bit ashamed or embarrassed to articulate their thinking and their loathing of Australia and it’s values, traditions and accomplishments.
With the selection of Gillian Triggs to receive the Voltaire award by the Orwellian named, Liberty Victoria, their efforts to recast and redefine language, democracy and free speech is complete.

“..Triggs has used the full force of the law and her Australian Human Rights Commission bureaucracy to silence and intimidate those who express views she and her cohort find unpalatable. Surely Voltaire would not fight to the death to see his most famous principle disfigured in this way.

This is the ultimate sellout of the human rights crowd. Triggs is lauded not for adhering to their lofty principles but for being on the right side of their partisan political debates..” Triggs’ free speech award absurd