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The World Economic Forum convocation in Davos is nothing less than a glorified communist politburo discussing the magnificence and beauty of bureaucracy and central planning.

That worked out well in the USSR and under the CCP. Think, breadlines

Apart from looking and sounding like the quintessential Bond villain, Klaus Schwab and his cronies, (the Schwab Mob) are like one of those Frankenstein monsters prising open the crypt every one hundred and fifty years.

In this case, instead of a ground up revolution by the peasants and workers, this is a top down revolution by the wealthy, Lear Jet elite who, after pulling up the ladder after themselves, literally want to control your life.

You are just their lab rat who “will own nothing and you will be happy”.

Got it!!!

Even Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, in Davos yesterday was testing the waters in a forum talking about the necessity of controlling free speech.

Under their central plan “stakeholders” with no skin in the game will have an equal if not more prominent say than shareholders of a company. That’s happening now under ESG.

Stakeholders are the entitled, non elected and therefore unaccountable NGO’s (Non Governmental Organisations) and any other group that believes they have an interest even when they don’t.

Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”, a metaphor for the unseen forces that move the free market economy, are just so 18th century. So out of fashion.

Therefore capitalism and free markets will be reworked and rebranded and “reimagined” as stakeholder capitalism driven by ideology and not by ideas. Particularly freewheeling ideas that gave us the motor car, aeroplane and the smartphone.

The Schwab Mob want to take over, take credit and manipulate the market with their stakeholder capitalism, once all the hard work and investment has been done by others.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to Schwab in his own words in his opening remarks on Monday. It was all about them. They are the anointed ones the world has been waiting for to save us from ourselves.

He and his elitist cabal want to rule the world. Like so many before them they have a plan that no one else has ever thought of.

This time it will be different.