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“….The government’s handling of energy has been utterly disastrous. Not only has it lied but it has stupidly produced model after model to demonstrate the direction it wishes prices to go and each model had produced a different outcome — the end result being that the government has only reinforced the popular view that such modelling is unbelievable, a worthless waste of time and money (taxpayers’ money). Turnbull is not the Prime Minister for these times
I’ve spent the past week reviewing petroleum production in Brunei and neighbouring Borneo. In these countries, the pump price for petrol is about 53c a litre and 84c a litre. Power is affordable and makes electricity cheap enough to keep the airconditioning running and industry (and living) feasible and comfortable.
Pensioners in Australia can’t afford to keep their homes heated and some are suffering fatally because their charges are inflated by the cost of subsidies to unreliable ­renewables, particularly solar and wind power.
The new National Energy Guarantee modelling is just so much humbug. Why would anyone swallow the nonsense that power bills will be reduced by $500-per-year in the future when, last month, the same modellers predicted there would be a $400 reduction?
What will Canberra try to sell tomorrow? A $1000 ­reduction?
Labor is so much worse that it’s not worth calculating how much faster they could destroy the economy.
Compare what we are permitting out politicians to do to our economy with the triumph that Donald Trump’s presidency and his energy dominance policy is achieving in the US. Well, actually, there is no comparison.
In Australia, under either party, we have internationally uncompetitive company taxes, we have internationally uncompetitive energy prices and we have internationally uncompetitive labour costs.
Not to mention the burden of hosting a burgeoning mig­rant population that doesn’t wish to assimilate and has shown an unhealthy fondness for generous welfare benefits.
While Turnbull and his blinkered advisers and Shorten and his ideological apparatchiks talk in terms of smart grids, renewables and big batteries, we are exporting high grade coal at premium prices to countries like Japan which are generating competitively priced electricity in high ­efficiency low emission power plants to drive industries our energy policies have made unaffordable.
And it can only get worse under the NEG.
We are shunning coal in favour of expensive and unrealisable unreliable renewable targets.
The Shorten prime ministership looks all but secured thanks to the vacuum Turnbull has created…”