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The last sentence of this cut and paste cuts like a knife for me, because like many of us, I often, like everyday, wonder the same thing.
Makes me so f#*king angry and more so because of the fetid, putrid, tired, decaying and disgusting, pusillanimous  pantie waist political class we have in Australia today. People like Rob Stokes, the Member for Pittwater who as Education Minister, when you expect him to say something (about Muslim boys not having to shake hands with female presenters at school awards presentations) is struck dumb and hiding under his desk. Nothing to say. Like all politicians, bluster and talk on the hustings and in the party room but is in fact just another empty suit from central casting that stand for absolutely nothing.
“…..The left is no longer the left unless names mean nothing. The traditional left would not have happily seen miners thrown out of work and power stations and heavy industries closed down in pursuit of a climate chimera. They would not have been happy with strange men visiting their daughters’ bathrooms. They would not have been happy to have gender-fluidity studies shoved down their children’s throats. They would not have been happy to have free speech closed down to appease an alien and oppressive medieval religious culture.

This brings me back to Bill. Here is someone who had to pick up sticks and move home for bravely drawing a picture of Mohammed. Bravely, because Islamic barbarians have a record of killing people for doing just that; as they threatened to do on this occasion.My God, when exactly did we arrive at the point in Australia of ho-humming this alien barbarity in our very midst?”  The Left Left Leak