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 “….On present polling, Labor would win an election by about 20 seats. One must never underestimate its capacity to lose an election, but it is not obvious how it plans to squander that lead. Or what the Liberals plan to stop it happening.
It is conventionally said that governments lose elections, rather than that oppositions win them. In national politics that is not strictly true, at least so far as Labor is concerned, particularly when voters have fresh memories of poor Labor governance. Since the end of World War II, Labor has come from opposition into government only when the party has had positive plans and policies, ones which have been tested in argument and debate. Labor never wins because voters are tired of the Coalition, or because they simply want a change.
Even then, as in 1983 and 2007, the party must appear to have learnt lessons, and to have changed, after substantial defeats. Shorten Labor is still Gillard Labor and has set its face against any reform of its power structures, or against the numbers rorts by which the powerbrokers, including Shorten, maintain control….” Malcolm Turnbull is Australia’s weakest and most indecisive Prime Minister since Billy McMahon