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Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’ve been harbouring my suspicions about Iain Ross head of Fairwork Australia and a former ACTU heavyweight and his decision handed down last week to pare back penalty rates, particularly on Sunday’s.

Given his background and pedigree it just doesn’t make sense. I mean, what a gift to Bill Shorten and Labor. AND it was Shorten who appointed Ross to the job.

Given that background, I wonder, as a Machiavellian ploy, if he didn’t deliberately orchestrate and arrive at his decision on penalty rates so as to hand former ACTU head Bill Shorten and the unions a blunt instrument to run a Work Choices style scare campaign against the government if they dare to proceed and act on his decision to meddle with penalty rates as I’m sure they’ll be very tempted and given Turnbull’s ham fisted record, he’ll tumble right in.
My advice to Turnbull or Abbott or Dutton or the leader d’jour is simple.
Just leave it alone. Don’t fall for it. This is live ammunition. This is a roadside IED  (an improvised explosive device) planted by Ross and designed to blow the government to smithereens. Leave this fight for another day when the stars are more aligned in your favour.