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The toxic sludge that is woke progressivism is metastasising.

On the eve of Australia Day I received an email, mindlessly riddled with every conceivable buzz word and cliché  from my local gym Anytime Fitness (Narrabeen) extolling the virtues of their newly found woke progressivism and their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Below is my response —

Reading your email and survey questions  it’s seems quite apparent that AF has decided to descend into the rabbit hole, into the twisted and distorted mirror maze of identity politics of woke progressivism and would like everyone to celebrate and applaud and join in the journey.

Thanks but no thanks.

Your email says you have an idea.

Well, I and I’m sure many of your clients and staff do too.

How about you keep this divisive, corrosive, woke American, university humanities department and political hustle out of the gym and out of the workplace.

Don’t badger or seek to lecture your clientele.

Here we are on Australia Day and what you’re promoting with this virtue signalling flim flam and diversity racket is the hijacking of the very old Australian concepts of a fair go, mateship, taking everyone as we find them and treating others with respect.

These concepts are not new.

They are concepts as old as time that have been reworked and are now being repackaged, rebranded, marketed and monetised as something new and sorely lacking.

They are not, either new or sorely lacking.

They are fundamental qualities of Australian and human decency that are now being marketed as if these characteristics are something that is lacking in the Australian spirit and identity and that can only be fixed by a phony program designed, promoted and marketed by equally phony and opportunistic race, diversity and inclusion hustlers.

Please do not under estimate the general decency of your fellow Australians and insult our collective intelligence.

These general human ideals and qualities of Australian decency have been totally hijacked by the political left. They have successfully taken ownership and marketed the concept of diversity, inclusion and equity as a new thing and therefore, their thing.

It’s not a new thing at all.  It’s an Australian thing. It is part of the Australian spirit and our fair go ethos. Always has been.

The conflation of the two words equality and equity is a deliberate misnomer designed to confuse and make people believe we’re talking about equality.

We’re not. Equity is the exact opposite of equality. Did you even know this?

Equity, in this context, flys  in the face of the very idea of merit and equality of opportunity and instead pushes for the equality of outcome regardless of effort. That everyone finishes the race together. That everyone wins a prize. That’s equity.

That’s not how the world works in any field of endeavour. Including fitness training.

These cliched and over used buzz words, of diversity, equity and inclusion pretty much encapsulate how the average Australian, from the beach to the bush, has always lived their lives, under the umbrella of  “a fair go”,  mateship and common decency.

As I said above, don’t insult our intelligence. How long before we have lectures on white privilege and critical race theory?

Your clients and staff don’t need lectures from self appointed diversity, inclusion and equity training hustlers and gurus.

Thanks but no thanks