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Andrew Bolt pretty much nails the canard being floated that somehow the criticism of Abdel-Magied is anti free speech. Of course it’s the opposite. This entire episode is a demonstration that the best way to fight her free speech is with better free speech. It’s not about piling on, its about fighting back.
Apart from anything else, she demonstrates that even as a member of the Australian Multicultural Centenary Council, Federal Anzac Commemorative Youth Working Group in 2014, she has absolutely no idea about Australian values in a week where the national conversation has been about, Australian values. As the celebrity and novelty Muslim and multi culti pet, she ticks all the ABC cultural diversity boxes.  She is the exotic, flashy person of colour, a woman and a Muslim. She’s also vacuous. The fact that it had to be “brought to her attention” how offensive her post was, indicates just how silly, ignorant, immature and lacking in judgment she is. This further begs the question as to what qualities she brings to public broadcasting and why, apart from her exotic Jenny Key sctick, the ABC invests so much in someone who offers so little
“..Conservatives are attacking Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day comment but not using the law to have it banned. The first is using our free speech to criticise hers. It’s called debate.
The second option – seeking to have comments banned by law – is the Left’s favored tactic to ban debate. And that’s the true sin against free speech.
No conservative I know is trying to have Abdel-Magied taken to court or the Human Rights Commission..” Abdel-Magied’s defenders are brainless on free speech