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Most professional media organisations having been caught out confecting then peddling a totally bogus story, which, having been denied by those central to it, would be shame faced, go quiet and move on.
Not so the ABC.
There’s was Geraldine Doogue doubling down on RN’s breakfast program on Saturday morning beating up and attempting to breathe life into the corpse of the ABC’s still born, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated Frankenstein’s monster of fake news about the Murdoch/Stokes conspiracy over Malcolm Turnbull’s demise.
In her opener to an Eric Beecher interview, Doogue said that:
“..Despite the two media billionaires emphatic denials, coverage of their reported conversation and respective positioning continues to gain traction..”
Gain traction? Where?
Only on the ABC, because just as CNN recently refused to back-down while pushing a similar bogus line about Donald Trump having advance knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting which was then denied by Trump’s lawyers, lawyer, Lanny Davis, having admitted to floating the original story himself as an anonymous source, the ABC similarly can’t let go and must cling to their own fake news and thrash about like a drowning man clinging to a straw in an endeavour to prop up and protect its remaining fig leaf of professional journalistic probity and integrity.