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This ploy of talking about ‘systemic racism’ as a matter of fact is another set of words designed to imply that racism is built into and part of the system.

And of course it’s a lie.

The phrase is totally devoid of meaning. Totally empty of meaning. It means everything and nothing.

Again the idea is to keep repeating the mantra and eventually the drones will believe that it must be true.

Racism, racists and race baiters exist at an individual level in all cultures and societies. Always have, always will.

But racism is not built into or part of the system at all and in fact there are laws against it.

Just as idiocy, stupidity and laziness have always existed, so too has racism but neither idiocy, stupidity, laziness or racism are systemic.

Although when it comes to idiocy, stupidity and laziness I do wonder about its possible systemic nature when it comes to our bureaucratic and political class.