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Back in December last year former Prime Minister Tony Abbott pointed out what most people intuitively understand to be a universal truth.

He pointed out that the emperor has no clothes; that all cultures are not equal and in fact western culture is far superior to anything ever, in the history of mankind.

For pointing out the obvious, the elites, the left and the post modernists who hold dear to the concept of cultural relativism, piled on and simply confirmed that they are totally unhinged and inhabit a truly twisted, warped and bizzarro Alice in Wonderland world.

To underscore and highlight Abbott’s point, we had the news at about the same time, from Saudi Arabia that a Sri Lankan housemaid convicted of adultery was to be stoned to death in a pit buried up to her breasts. Saudi men would then surround her and begin to hurl rocks at her head to kill her slowly.

Of course if public beheadings are more your style you can catch midday decapitations in the public square pretty much on any Friday for crimes such as apostasy, blasphemy and homosexuality.

This is the same Saudi Arabia that heads up the UN’s Human Rights a Council.

By the way the male party to the adultery received a mere 100 lashes.