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Australia is in a dark, diabolical place. For some while I and I’m sure many others have been wrestling with this dilemma of who to vote for. Back in my on air days at 2GB, during Malcolm Turnbull’s first go round as opposition leader I referred to the Liberals as Labor lite.

That was the choice confronting Australians then and that is the choice confronting Australians now.
Who do you vote for, Labor or Labor lite?
People feel trapped. They feel deceived and disenfranchised. They are radiating hostility because they have they have no choice. The choice of a real Liberal government has been prised from their hands and been replaced by a weak, anaemic beige imitation.

As far as choice is concerned in the words of Henry Ford, “ can have any colour car as long as it’s black..”

To further reinforce the view that we are dealing with a LINO (Liberal In Name Only) leader of the Liberal Party, it was announced over the weekend that Malcolm Turnbull has appointed a former Greens candidate (twice) Lin Hatfield Dodds as Deputy Secretary, Social Policy. She will advise on everything from schools, boat people to gender equality.

Hatfield-Dodds is the former head of Uniting Care Australia and The Chairman of the far left think tank the Australia Institute whose executive director was the former Chief of Staff of Greens leader Bob Brown. When standing for the Greens as a senate Candidate she campaigned for policies completely against mainstream Liberal policies.

As Michael Smith writes in his blog, “..I don’t want a dyed in the wool card-carrying member of The Greens as the architect for Turnbull’s trendy vision..”

It’s very convenient that The Greens’ acolyte commences work on our new society after the election campaign.

The bottom line is this. If you ever harboured any doubts about where Malcolm Turnbull sits on the political spectrum this appointment should disabuse you of those doubts.