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                                                            *****TRIGGER WARNING****TRIGGER WARNING****TRIGGER WARNING
There’s only one way to look at this. Either its true or tax payer funded studies by groups like the Australian Research Council and conducted by the University of NSW Centre for Refugee Research aren’t worth a cracker.
And so how is that rather frayed, ragged and jaded fabric of multiculturalism working out? That rich vibrant colourful tapestry? Looking rather threadbare?
We weren’t told the bit about the cultural sensitivity of wife bashing or wife bashing as having a “cultural value.” Neither were we told about the necessity for bollards.
And to think that we all thought it was going to be just one great, colourful, mardi gras and carnivale. One great rolling cultural festival and celebration about the finer points of the exotic dress, the intricacies of the folk dance and the gastronomic delights of the cuisine.
Here’s an idea. Why don’t you twisted bastards just go away and take your vile, poisonous, cultural baggage with you? FIFO no longer means Fly In, Fly Out.
In this context it means Fit In or F**k Off
“….Australians should show “cultural¬ sensitivity’’ to migrant men who resent women’s rights and bash their wives and children, a taxpayer-funded study says.
The three-year study, funded by the Australian Research Council, concludes: “Many refugees see some human rights, in particular those relating to women and children’s rights, as detrimental to their successful settlement in Australia.’’
It says some refugees argue “women’s and child’s rights contravene the cultural values, norms and mores” of their ethnic groups.
The cultural clash is exposed in the University of NSW Centre for Refugee Research study, which found some male refugees lash out at wives and children when they suffer a “loss of status and masculinity’’.
The study calls for “cultural sensitivity and understanding of the impact on male refugees and feelings of alienation and disappointment’’.  Domestic violence study women’s right an issue for group of male refugees