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It’s the white-anting and undermining of the Australian ethos as community service is sacrificed on the alter of unionism. We are dealing with some very dark, sinister and evil people and again it’s the unalloyed, unvarnished Victorian, Andrews government in the frame.

I think most if, not everyone would agree that volunteerism goes to the very core of what makes an Australian, Australian. It’s part of the ethos. To the hard left of the union movement though it’s just another institution to be successfully marched through and destroyed and suspect I we’re going to see a lot more of this.

“..Premier Daniel Andrews is facing an unprecedented revolt from 60,000 volunteer firefighters and growing internal alarm after ­refusing to back down over the push to unionise the Country Fire Authority.

Fireys’ fury at Daniel Andrews as union wins all

As volunteers ­accused the government of betraying them, Mr Andrews weighed in on the row from the US, saying Fair Work commissioner Jul­ius Roe’s recommendations were “fair and ­balanced”.

The CFA and Volunteer Fire Brigades ­Victoria believe the recommend­ations simply endorse the United Firefighters Union’s demands; the ­opposition has warned they mean “the death of volunteer firefighting as we know it”.

Dysfunction over the issue continues to grip the government, with insiders furious it has blown up like this, while the government is angry at the CFA and dissident Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett..”