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“..Elites sold Britain down the river in so many ways: why wouldn’t Britons give them a kick in the bollocks?

They sold them down the river by failing to regulate banks and rating agencies before the GFC; by posing as saviours of the world’s climate using taxpayers’ money; by posing as saviours of the world’s poor using taxpayers’ money; by refusing to control borders; and, by selling out the finest system of law in the world.

Let Brexit be a lesson to the elite meddlers

Elites were happy to take the plaudits of the Europe project and the jobs that came with it, but they were wilfully blind to euro public finance corruption, timidity in the face of unfettered migration, open access to benefits and naive acceptance of illiberal mores.

Brexit was a magnificent repudiation of these betrayals.

It was astonishing how European leaders ignored national constituencies. They ignored national referendums declining new powers to Europe, instead declaring the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union 2007 and the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.

There never was a chance that European democracies would go to war against each other. But, there is an internal war across Europe that elites ignore. Control of borders, control within borders and reclaiming English law are reasons that Brits voted exit. Not all can be laid at the foot of EU membership, but large parts can.

This Saturday Australians will vote with an eye to the UK result. Elites beware. Every appeal to a UN convention, think refugees; every time an international body is invited to tell Australians how naughty they have been, think Great Barrier Reef and Tasmanian forests; every time an official quotes “international law”, is an insult to one of the world’s great liberal and law-­abiding democracies: Australia.

All Green politicians are in the elite camp. Too many Labor politicians are in this camp, as are some Liberal politicians.

Politicians who refuse to secure the borders, and law and order within their borders, must exit…”