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The last sentence of this essay is really what the last 18 months in US politics comes down to and Don Feder is 100% correct in his 35 word, one sentence summation. The tragedy is most Americans and most Australians for that matter wouldn’t have a clue who Gramsci, Alinsky or Hayden were and therein lies the problem. If you can’t identify the enemy you can’t fight the enemy.

In short they have been the architects of Americas and The Wests demise.

They’re all dead but not their combined legacy, with the hard left 60’s radical activist and former husband of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, (now there’s a hint right there) Tom Hayden, dying only 2 weeks ago.

Although I’ve mentioned it before, Hillary Clinton was very close to Alinsky in his final years, writing her final year thesis at Wellesley College on him and he allowing her to read the manuscript of his Marxist activist handbook, Rules for Radicals, before it went to the printers.

The problem is an individual can’t, or a nation can’t, pull himself/itself out of a nose dive to destruction unless it understands, can identify and name the problem. Knowing there’s a problem is just the beginning. Getting your head around it and wrestling with a problem that’s become so generationally embedded, in the life of the nation is the difficulty

Don Feder’s closing sentence:

“….on November 8, we’ll learn if we’re on the road back to being the America of Ronald Reagan or have gone even farther toward becoming the America of Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, and Tom Hayden…” 

Memo from an old soldier: Trump can’t save America by himself. Clinton can destroy it.