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I’d rather have Donald Trump in charge of this Coronavirus business and the extraction of any reparations from China in whatever form, than Mr big talking, Mr do nothing, smooth operator and business as usual, Obama.

Mr big talking ‘red line’, in Syria, Obama. Mr ‘Spratly Islands‘ Obama who simply allowed the Chinese to take over and build artificial islands out of cays and reefs for defence installations off the coast of the Phillipines, Malaysia and South Vietnam where they have no business being.

They did it because they could and because they had Obama’s measure. That he was weak. And they were right. He didn’t say a word and did even less.

The formidable oratory and teleprompter skills and ability of the former President Pantie Waist simply proved the truth of Abraham Lincoln’s laser accurate aphorism that given the right set of words, in the right order, the right tenor, tone and cadence that  ‘you can fool some of the people all of the time’.

Such skills were in reality an exercise in style over substance. Image over action. Just so much snake oil.

I’d rather have the awkward and earthy Trump in the trench over the stylised and fake imagery of PPW any day.