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This is explosive stuff and spells the end of Mike Baird sooner or later. The report exposes him as being right out of his depth and Miranda Devine’s exposes the far left wing proclivities of the man behind the report, former High Court Judge Michael McHugh who it would seem is like minded and at one with the animal rights wackos who want to as Devine points out, ban horse jump racing, greyhound racing, recreational hunting, game fishing, rodeos, horse-drawn carriage rides, zoos and marine parks used for human entertainment, live export of animals, “factory farming”, advertising of animal products, killing of bats, “tail docking, castration, branding, ear marking, teeth clipping, de-horning and mulesing”.

“.. Michael McHugh, 80, was part of the activist Mason High Court famous for its Mabo decision on native title. His wife Jeanette McHugh was a left-wing federal Labor MP for 16 years, campaigning on anti-­nuclear, environment, peace and women’s ­issues.

He is an advocate for an Australian Bill of Rights, and once told Sydney University students: “My own social views are probably as radical as anyone in this room — maybe more so …

“Developed nations need ­agitators … interfering meddling people that question the rules and practices that most of the community accepts.”

How NSW went overboard with the greyhound ban

Ominously, McHugh’s conclusions accord almost entirely with the views of several animals rights activists cited in the report. Animals Australia is named 19 times and “suggested that it was likely that in NSW between 5000 and 6800 greyhounds were killed each year” , which accords with McHugh’s death tally, even though he admits “it is not clear how this figure was calculated”.

Among the most prominent of 43 witnesses was Dr Karen Dawson, the Greyhound Equality Society’s veterinary adviser and a member of Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics. She made six submissions to the inquiry, including 11 videos. Sentient opposes greyhound racing, horse racing, wild horse culling, live animal export, and routine practices in dairy, beef, sheep and chicken farming…”