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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Obama Is America’s Version of Stanley Baldwin — Victor Davis Hanson

North Korea built more and better missiles. Almost weekly, it threatened its neighbours and crowed that it would soon nuke its critics, the American West Coast included. In other words, as was true of Europe between 1933 and 1939, the world grew more dangerous and reached the brink of war. And like Stanley Baldwin, Obama was never willing to make a few unpopular decisions to rearm and face down aggressors in order not to be forced to make far more dangerous and unpopular decisions later on.
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New progressive morality rapidly taking over from Christian beliefs — Paul Kelly, The Australian

This would have to be the BEST thing I’ve read in a very, VERY long time. "..The new morality arises from neither dogma nor revelation. Its focus is diversity, human rights, self-expression and identity politics. It is a set of values and a way of relating to others. Its essence is the discarding of the worth of trad­ition and enshrining in law rules and procedures for contemporary cultural norms. It is best seen as the comprehensive politicisation of our culture. The Greens, the vanguard of progressive thinking in Australia, offer a clue to the next step. At the 2016 election the party ran on far-reaching changes to anti-discrimination laws to curtail the freedom of religious institutions, schools and charities. This is consistent with the position of a section of the progressive movement — to drive religion from the public square.."
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Random Note — Young Home Buyers

Just thinking about young people and allowing them to use their super towards a deposit. How young is young? And just how much super would they have anyway? Instead, why not allow them to tax deduct the interest on their first home and then when they sell that first home they pay a CGT? So, they get the help up front when they need it and pay a tax further down the track when they're in a better position to do so.
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Swedish Conditions — Frontpage

Just how far gone is Sweden and Europe? Just how bad is it? Just what are "Swedish conditions"? "....On March 12, Sweden's Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, said in a TV interview that the 150-odd jihadists who have returned to Sweden after fighting for ISIS should not be investigated, let alone prosecuted, but should instead be welcomed back and encouraged to integrate – by which she seemed to mean offering various welfare incentives and assorted freebies. (Such enticements, incidentally, would be perfectly in line with Swedish practice...")
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My Agenda: Destroy Australia — Quadrant Online

It has been a long battle, but we have almost won the war to de-industrialise, to undermine the society that built this country. We have an agenda and we have taken it too far for anyone to stop it, so embrace the new nation we have re-shaped for you, whether you like it or not. As a globalist ‘Australian’ I am proud of what we have done, so let me do a little boasting. Hear me out and you will understand not only the internationalist future we have planned but also that further resistance is futile.
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This would be part of the Sally McManus cheer squad but fined only $500,000?

"...Commonly, this was done without apology or the slightest sense of obligation to the laws which regulate the conduct of industrial relations in Australia. At times, the attitude of the respondents could only be described as high−handed and arrogant. The inference is irresistible that the industrial action which was organised by the respondents had the explicit object of inflicting commercial harm on Kane.."
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Libs Never As Vulnerable As Now – Jack The Insider, The Australian

Now the Liberal Party is fighting a battle on two fronts — Labor and the Greens to the left, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to the right. If PHON gets five to ten per cent of the federal vote in the next election and this appears likely, that leaves the Liberal Party’s primary vote dangerously low. I would argue the Liberal Party has never found itself in the position of vulnerability it is experiencing now.
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Latham unleashed — The five things that will save our country

The leftist takeover of institutions has been so quick and comprehensive that the Liberals are paralysed by inaction. The Turnbull faction quite likes the changes, so it sees no need to fight. While the more conservative Abbott Liberals are hostile in principle, they are accustomed to defending institutions, rather than recapturing them. Their instinct is for gradual change and continuity, rendering them ineffective in the culture war trenches.
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A Christian symbol certified by Islam

The bizarre and extremely contradictory notion of Halal certified Easter Eggs bends the mind. A symbol of the holiest day on the Christian calendar, certified by Islam? How in anyones language does that work?
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