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The question to be asked of The Greens is pretty simple.

What’s your upper limit on immigration, legal or illegal? Who should set the rules and the threshold? The government, the people smugglers or should the wealthy refugees self select and queue jump those in refugee camps. If there is no upper limit, please explain how no upper limit squares and reconciles with the totemic Greens overall belief of sustainability including sustainable population growth. If there is an upper limit then the Greens obviously do have a policy of “stopping the boats” And there’s no point hiding behind the shallow and false argument that your concern is simply about off shore detention centres. Detention centres are also “Deterrent Centres”, for people smugglers and their clients without which it would be just open borders into Australia for millions. There’s that collision and conflict between reality and sustainable population again.

We saw this happen under Rudd, Gillard Rudd when they dismantled the Pacific Solution (including 1200 deaths at sea)  

As usual the Greens, on their moral high ground, are found wanting and are ensnared in a web and trapped in a maze of their own high minded, emotional, feel good, misty eyed and misguided contradictions.