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POTUS & SCOTUS. Thinking about the US election overnight it occurs to me that those that hope for a Hillary win should then get on their knees and pray that it doesn’t happen.
Putting aside her well documented, indisputable corrupt behaviour the one thing apart from her own far left predilections over the next 4 or 8 years which will drive the US over a cliff socially and further into bankruptcy economically, dragging the rest of the world with it, (which is why we should care and be interested) consideration must also be given to her legacy and what happens after her term/s.


That legacy for the next 20+ years or the next several generations, will come in the shape of and live on in her Supreme Court nominations, one (Scalia’s replacement is pending right now) if they get through and are approved by congress.


Her SCOTUS nominations are THE big issue that should be focusing the minds of the electorate just as much as the blue team red team stuff between her and Trump. Trump has released his short list of prospective nominees and it has been well received Clinton hasn’t released a similar list. (she probably deleted that file to)
In short two or more Clinton nominations to SCOTUS will change the balance of the court more dramatically than at any time in the last 80 years and along with it the direction of America and do as much damage to the standing of the US over a much longer time frame than the woman herself in the relative 4/8 year short term.