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The unseemly scramble for victimhood status and self justification, the harrumphing, the outrage, the moral umbrage and indignation of this fill-in broadcasting mediocrity over her pro- Hamas comments is obscene but unfortunately typical of the left and particularly the ABC. How dare she have her opinions muzzled on the taxpayer funded broadcaster is the mindset.
The interesting comment came from the spokesman from the Media Alliance Union when he said that “Australians expect and deserve an ABC that is home to a range of ideas and opinions reflective of the diversity of Australian society,” 
And that’s all true of course. A range of ideas and opinions that would be a change for the ABC.

But as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet and it  applies to the ABC and all their lip service to diversity of ideas and opinions,  it’s a custom more honoured in the breach than the observance.

They’re just not used to it and whether it’s Stan Grant over the voice or this wannabe hack, it’s always the same.
Like moths to the flame, leftie activists just can’t leave it alone.
They can’t leave their far, left-wing proclivities in the production suite or better still, in the car or at home.
They really do believe that it is indeed, “Their ABC” and forget or rather ignore the fact that the ABC is a public broadcaster.
Lattouf’s attempt at an overacted, cutesy, pouty mouthed video complete with rehearsed facial gestures and eye rolling was as corny as it was unfunny. Typical Tik Tok and typical ABC.
The tabloid format of Channel 10 was a better fit for her and we can only hope she has enjoyed her 15 minutes of front page fame.