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Random Note — Trump

This entire segment is well worth a watch, but check the critical point at the 2 minute mark.

The very level headed former Democrat congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard verbalises and says the quiet p[art out loud that many, if not most people have been quietly saying or thinking for some while.

The Democrats are scrambling, panicked and desperate. They’re cornered dogs and will do whatever it takes.

It won’t necessarily be a lone wolf or rogue actor. It will be an actor or actors specifically hired for the job  with the entire thing orchestrated by the CIA colluding with the secret service for a specific time and place, probably imported from Iran, Ukraine or a drug cartel assassin from South America, then spirited out of the country on a CIA plane.

From then, Biden will call a Reichstag Fire, type state of emergency and cancel the election in November 24.

With the guiding principle being in the words of Ralph Waldo Emmerson, “if you come for the king, you better not miss”, there’ll be no room for a near miss. The very same people who loosely throw around the words undemocratic, tyrannical, authoritarian and totalitarian about the driving motives of others, are again projecting. It is they who are all of those things. Undemocratic, tyrannical, authoritarian and totalitarian





With Trumps poll numbers skyrocketing on top of his base, civil war won’t be far off.