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Pardon me, but is that the the chief CFMEU union thug and bully, John Setka throwing himself on the mercy of the court of public opinion and using the wife and kids as human shields? Diddums!!  John Setka’s wife Emma Walters to face court over drink-drive drama  


If Setka is under the enormous strain he suggests and is so emotionally fragile and delicate after the ­”ongoing political and ideological ­attacks on him as union leader”  surely he can’t possibly continue on with his noble self sacrifice, service and deeds as boss of the CFMEU.


If he feels so strongly injured and under siege, perhaps, in the time honoured tradition he should retire to ‘spend more time with the family’ which would also give him time to reflect on the enormous strain and stress he and his union crooks, cronies and crims inflict on thousands of mum and dad small business operations trying put bread on the table for their own and their employees families.


Welcome to the Karma Cafe fella where there’s no menu but you get what you so richly deserve.