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On the back of Newspoll number 25 combined with Ross Fitzgerald’s observations, (below) it is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day that Turnbull is terminal and that the Libs are simply whistling past the cemetery, trying to forestall the inevitable.
Of course a return to Tony Abbott would be a humiliating and embarrassing back down and admission that their nervous Nellie, bedwetting judgement was awry, but to retain their hands on the levers, they have no choice. It’s not so much that they’re out of options, they only ever had one to begin with and nothing’s changed.
By any measure, (particularly his own performance indicator of Newspoll) the Turnbull project has been an abject failure and Saturday nights 5% swing in a Liberal stronghold doesn’t auger well if mapped and translated Australia wide at a general election.
To get from here to there and win the next election or at least save some of the furniture, The Liberals first and foremost need a seasoned, blooded, electoral warrior. A fighter with form. Someone who is an unafraid to go in hard, is master of the attack and who can distil and condense the complex into the comprehensible in a few words. What’s also needed is conviction combined with the killer instinct. 
Abbott is the only one that possesses these qualities, has done it before (2010 and 2013) and can do it again. The other pusillanimous milquetoast poseurs and pretenders being mentioned by the commentariat do not stand a chance and will simply melt in the face of the full frontal Labor/Union/GetUp attack which is no doubt coming.
“….Malcolm Turnbull will ­believe that, like the earlier New ­England result, this victory is a vindication, and that nothing much needs to change. So there’ll be no big reshuffle, no policy reset, and certainly no reaching out to conservatives in the party or in the community — even though, repeated at a general election, on this swing of more than 5 per cent, at least 20 seats would fall to Labor.
The Prime Minister did say that Bennelong was an opportunity for voters to pass judgment on his government. But on the standard that he himself set, his government is still headed for a catastrophic defeat. In fact Bennelong was a poor result for Turnbull, just not quite bad enough on its own to finish him off.
Turnbull’s spinners are furiously asserting that “a win’s a win” and denying that there are any wider ­implications in the anti-government swing.
These are mostly the same faceless manipulators who said that the prospect of a 7 per swing against the Abbott government in the 2015 Canning by-election was a reason pre-emptively to dump a prime minister.
every Liberal member on a margin of 5 per cent or less is now aware that voters want to take the baseball bat to an arrogant and out-of-touch government. And it doesn’t take much thought to work out the best way to assuage their anger. By preserving the government’s majority while exposing its vulnerability, it makes a challenge to Turnbull in the first half of next year more likely, not less…”  By- Election Win Sends Message